Experiences of Mental Health at JKHS

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It is and always will be completely independent

Hear the words of 100s of parents and pupils who have experience of how they feel John Kyrle High School has affected student mental health, and how JKHS has dealt with things relating to these mental health issues.

We have been gathering 100s of comments from affected pupils and affected parents. Each type of experience seems to have so many echos of the same kind of thing - in different words from different individuals putting it in their own way.

These experiences highlight quite vividly how a meeting is needed with Nigel Griffiths and his Senior Leadership Team, and this meeting has been requested via a petition signed by over 300 people, with 100s more backing it online.

All the kind people have come forward as a result of wanting a meeting with the school, simply to help others who suffer.

If you wish to supply your own comments about your experiences of mental health issues at JKHS please use our contact form.

Please note you can also supply your feedback by completing our Quick 1-minute Survey on Mental Health at JKHS. You can also see the preliminary results of the JKHS Mental Health Survey here.

REMEMBER: All comments supplied will be kept completely anonymous. Your anonymity is assured.